Preview: WildLife at The Poetry Club

This originally ran as an Arts News preview in The Herald Newspaper (Scotland), February 2016.

Glasgow’s counter-cultural haven, The Poetry Club, is set to host to a new free-jazz / avant-garde brouhaha called WildLife.

Celebrating experimental and outsider vibes from round the corner, round the world – and far beyond – WildLife is curated by drummer, songwriter and psych-folk topographer Alex Neilson (Trembling Bells, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Tight Meat duo), and ingenious local noise / improv / alt-pop promoter Ideal Mexico.

Incoming sonic voyagers include preternatural drummer Chris Corsano in cahoots with multi-instrumentalist Joe McPhee, who’re joined by kaleidoscopic Glasgow collective Still House Plants on Feb 16; and gospel / avant-jazz visionary Linda Sharrock (pictured) and her band, (In) The Abyssity Of The Grounds, who’re supported by Neilson’s own wayfaring wyrd-jazz firebrands Death Shanties on Feb 22.

To borrow a title from Basil Kirchin et al’s 1979 future-jazz odyssey, also called Wildlife, it all sounds like the birth of an (awesome) adventure.


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