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Wee round-up of some (but not all) stuff I’ve covered of late, by way of a perfunctory update, and also as an excuse to post my two favourite Christmas records this year…

I interviewed Grant Hart (of Husker Du) and Pumajaw for The Herald, and I wrote about Thurston Moore and Richard Youngs for The List. I also wrote about Nice N Sleazy’s 20th birthday for The Herald.

I’ve reviewed gigs by Arab Strap, Patrick Wolf, The Twilight Sad, King Creosote & Kid Canaveral and Hot Club of Cowtown for The Herald – plus Fence’s Flamin’ Hott Loggz for The List – and I’ve reviewed albums by King’s Daughters & Sons and Bill Wells for The List.

And here are my two favourite Scots pop yuletide croons of 2011…

You can buy Aidan Moffat’s festive stocking-thriller here.

If you subscribe to Fence’s ace new Chart Ruse series before Dec 16, you’ll get a Christmas card and exclusive CD starring that there mighty lovely Christmas song from Withered Hand into the bargain. Ace!

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