Scottish Pop Song of the Day #43

Discopolis – Cold Summers (2011)

I don’t know much about Discopolis, other than that they are three, and that they come from Edinburgh – and I’m equally unsure as to the etymology of their moniker. Is Discopolis a portmanteau of Disco and Metropolis – that is to say, a city constructed entirely from the blissful components of dance music (which sounds like a brilliant place to live); or is it more of a Scottish compound, as in ‘Disco Polis’ – i.e. are our dulcet protagonists making their mark as lawful defenders of electronic pop?  Whatever the source of their designate, I  recently picked this Discopolis track as one of my songs of the summer for The List, such is its balmy electro-pop loveliness. It evokes long days of sunshine and laid-back  good times. Real life better follow suit.

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