Scottish Pop Song of the Day #40

Aidan Moffat & Bill Wells – The Copper Top (2011)

A beautiful film for a beautiful song. “Birth, death, love – the only reasons to get dressed up.”

That bit with the fly in the matchbox…

The Copper Top is taken from Bill Wells and Aidan Moffat‘s exceptional album, Everything’s Getting Older, which is out on Chemikal Underground this week. (Note the TRIPLE VINYL and swoon).

I had a chat with Moffat about the record for today’s Herald, and Bill Wells also touched on their divine collaboration in an interview for the same paper last year. I also gave the album four stars in the current issue of MOJO magazine. You might infer from this that I quite like it.

Don’t Aidan and Bill look brilliant in that video? Striking, hirsute dudes, the pair of them. Someone alert the Coen Brothers to their on-screen charms post-haste.

I contacted Chemikal Underground with a view to including some info about the video director in this post and was surprised to discover that a) this is the first video he has ever made and b) that it is the work of Paul Fegan, former co-programmer of Triptych

God, this song would break your heart.

Everything’s Getting Older is available here or in all good record shops now.

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2 Responses to Scottish Pop Song of the Day #40

  1. jocknroll says:

    Typo in last line, should be “Everything”. 😉

    The pedants are revolting!

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