Scottish Pop Song of the Day #35

Win – Super Popoid Groove (1987)
Here’s  Scottish pop polymath Davy Henderson at his mainstream-baiting best.

Betwixt his myriad Edinburgh art-pop conceptions (The Fire Engines in the early-eighties, The Nectarine No. 9 in the nineties and now The Sexual Objects), Henderson fronted Win: a supple, high-concept electro-pop troupe whose best-known (Lager-flogging) anthem was the ace You’ve Got The Power and whose Super Popoid Groove would’ve surely been a shoe-in for the UK charts, were it not for the fact that said hit parade was overloaded with output by Stock, Aitken and Waterman at the time.

I’m a huge fan of the SAW canon – I could sing you most of it verbatim (you’d thank me not to) – but watching and listening to Super Popoid Groove now, I can discern the pernicious stranglehold the so-called Hit Factory exercised over the charts. How else can you rationalise there being insufficient room in the Top 20 for this? Is it true that it peaked at Number 63?  The word is ‘criminal’, I believe.

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