Scottish Pop Song of the Day #31

Lungleg – Right Now Baby! (1997)

When I wrote about Gilded Lil a while back, I noted a dearth of online evidence with regard to many Central Belt mid-nineties DIY bands and labels.

We’re talking largely pre-internet, of course, so this isn’t all that surprising, but what came as a complete delight was the discovery of an up-to-date Facebook page for glamorous Glasgow indie-punks Lungleg. Said page doubles as an ace mini archive for the band who operated between 1994-1999: pics, music, line-up, biog, Peel Session info, the lot.

Lungleg were contemporaries of Pink Kross (I think LL and PK once played King Tut’s with Kenickie) and The Yummy Fur (the former’s Jane Egypt aka McKeown was the sister of the latter’s John / Jackie; Franz Ferdinand later raved about their ’97 debut album’s title track, Maid to Minx).

Their myriad scrappy noise-pop releases included two Melody Maker Singles of the Week, plus split releases with El Hombre Trajeado (RM Hubbert truly is entrenched in Glasgow’s DIY history) and one-time US touring partners The Make-up.

Lungleg officially split in 1999, but their post-punk spirit and pop-trash aesthetic lives on via Peter Parker – more of whom, no doubt, anon.

If you have any information about Lungleg or any other Glasgow / Edinburgh nineties DIY bands, please get in touch!

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