Scottish Pop Song of the Day #30

The Pastels – Crawl Babies (1987)
“I want to build her up, up as tall as a church, just to watch her, just to watch her falling down…”

Today dawned with some tantalising indie-pop gossip, courtesy of Twitter.
The Pastels, our beloved Pastels – Glasgow proponents of ‘almost-pop’ and counter-cultural wonder since the 1980s – are making progress with their new material. Katrina Mitchell has penned some words – glorious words, I have no doubt – but these lyrics are not without their hurdles. Specifically, Stephen Pastel is refusing to sing the word ‘Diplodocus’.
We can but speculate upon what ramshackle marvels and dinosaur arias this aforesaid new music might bring. In the meantime, here’s the punch-drunk alt-rock of Crawl Babies, from the band’s imperious debut album, ‘Up For a Bit With the Pastels’ (Glass, 1987).
That shimmering axe-mastery! That time-warping bassline! Stephen’s brooding, monochrome nonchalance! 
Those riffs that nag like the ache of a reluctant but all-consuming obsession.
Oh Pastels, haste ye back with a new record.

(I can’t find too many online links but Monorail Music and Domino Records are both good bets for Pastels booty).

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