Scottish Pop Song of the Day #27

Withered Hand – No Cigarettes (2009)

Edinburgh’s Withered Hand – aka Dan Willson – is one of our best-loved singer-songwriters. But he’s run into some trouble getting into America for an imminent tour – despite having a record deal over there – because the authorities have questioned whether he is a “musician of extraordinary ability”.
The irony is, that while myriad shit (or at least mediocre) bands have swanned through US customs freely through the years, and will no doubt continue to do so, Willson’s talent is genuinely exceptional: No Cigarettes will testify to that.
To be honest, I have a feeling that this will all work out great for Willson, one way or another. There’s an online uprising gathering force, (search Twitter for #witheredhandforsxsw), in support of his extraordinary ability. Who knows what consequences this burgeoning campaign might have. I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if Withered Hand found himself in the pop charts.

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