Scottish Pop Song of the Day #19

Gilded Lil – Departure Lounge (1998)
The internet has some serious holes. I had hoped to rake out a wee bit of history on Edinburgh(?) pop insurgents Gilded Lil, but there is very little online – testament, of course, to their heyday preceding the widespread usage of the world wide web. So here’s what I remember – or think I do. (Please get in touch if you can help me fill in the gaps!)

Gilded Lil were a howling blues-punk beacon in the Central Belt mid-late nineties DIY uprising (see also: the Male Nurse, Lungleg, the Primevals, Ganger, El Hombre Trajeado, the Yummy Fur). Fronted by Kerry McDonald(?), they were much beloved of John Peel, they released some seven-inches on local labels Bosque (Trout, Dominic Waxing Lyrical) and Guided Missile (El Hombre Trajeado, The Yummy Fur), and I think they once supported the John Spencer Blues Explosion.

Wierdly, I starting thinking about Giled Lil again last weekend, and thereafter discovered a nostalgic Twitter chat about them between RM Hubbert (then of El Hombre) and Alex Kapranos (then of The Yummy Fur). Kapranos seems to have engineered one of their songs; Hubbert was clearly also a fan. Other than that, all I can tell you is that they totally rocked the 13th note, and Gilded Lil had one of the most jaw-dropping vocalists I’ve ever seen.

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