Scottish Pop Song of the Day #17

Come On Gang – Fortune Favours the Brave (2010)
So farewell then, Come On Gang. The fired-up, much-loved art-pop trio will call it a day this weekend – despite a nation’s protestatons – but at least they’re etched in Scots pop legend thanks to these three facts:
1) They’re splitting up on the eve of the release of their ace debut album, ‘Strike A Match’: their album launch party will be their last-ever gig. That’s pretty punk-spirited.
2) Since their inception in 2007, they have been peerless, fearless upholders of lively, imaginative party-rock. (And let’s not forget their visual impact, underscored by drummer-vocalist Sarah Tanat-Jones).
3) Their effervescent indie-pop once caused a man to dance so uncontrollably that his trousers burst.
Fortune Favours the Brave, Come on Gang’s last single, is about as perfect a swansong as you could hope for: a slice of drum-thundering axe-pop that allies post-punk riffs with jock-rock bluster and heavenly doo-doo-doos.

Come On Gang’s final fling is in Edinburgh this Saturday. There may be dancing; there may be split clothing. There will certainly be tears.

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