Scottish Pop Song of the Day #16

Kid Canaveral – So Close To Beautiful (2007)
At the risk of coming on all Kid Canaveral obscurist, this B-side to the loveable indie-mob’s debut single, Smash Hits, is an absolute belter – and my only slight (and I mean slight) disappointment with their ace debut album, ‘Shouting At Wildlife’ (2010), is that this harmonic power-pop aria wasn’t included on it. 
The song’s irresistible swing between high-strung restraint and hurtling release is glorious: it feels like getting miraculously drunk in the sun, or being in the giddy throes of love, or some-such fleeting but no less vital physiological euphoria. I cannot get enough of it.

Kid Canaveral are off to SXSW soon, so they’re playing a couple of Glasgow / Edinburgh fundraisers for the trip this month. Make haste and furnish them with coin!

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1 Response to Scottish Pop Song of the Day #16

  1. David says:

    Thanks very much, Nicola =)

    Let us know if you’re wanting to come to the Glasgow/Edinburgh shows and we’ll maybe dust off an old b-side for you…If we can remember how to play it 😉


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