Scottish Pop Song of the Day #10

Nick Robertson feat. Maria McKee – Pride & Joy (1992)
There is next to nothing about Nick Robertson on the internet, so here are the facts as I vaguely recall them. Robertson was a young Edinburgh-based singer-songwriter who bore a vocal resemblance to Van Morrison and who released his debut (and only) album, Bulletproof Boy – with backing band Slice – on Circa Records in 1993.
He toured quite a bit with Deacon Blue and the Kevin McDermott Orchestra, and he was always excellent live. But despite his radio-friendly if (over-polished) soul-pop – and extremely magazine-friendly face – he appears to have disappeared without trace.
This duet with Maria McKee was one of the highlights of Bulletproof Boy, and hints at the high hopes many had for Robertson in the early nineties. His record company appeared to have faith – they sent him on a national signing tour of Our Price stores. To this day I regret not sciving off school to see him in Stirling; to tell him how much I loved his songs.

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1 Response to Scottish Pop Song of the Day #10

  1. Fiona Purdie says:

    I also loved the album; it was the soundtrack to my youth! Saw him support Runrig at Mothwell Civic Centre and went straight out and bought the album. Still listen to it all the time.

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