Scottish Pop Song of the Day #9

Aidan Moffat & Bill Wells – (If You) Keep Me In Your Heart (2011)
As the sun is largely prone to ascending, and bears are inclined to defecate in forestry, so Aidan Moffat is guaranteed to observe the floral trimmings of romance. ‘I’ll be the wax inside your ears,’ he serenades (some might say ‘threatens’) on this beautiful, piano-driven emission. It’s the first release from ‘Everything’s Getting Older’, his exquisite long-player in tryst with Falkirk avant-pop star Bill Wells.
Moffat’s litany of sensual promises includes morphing into the flakes on one’s nails and the ‘useless lining’ of one’s womb – which posits him as some sort of amorous shapeshifting Central Belt superstalker – while Wells’ swooning musical backdrop and beats are embellished by (I think?) Robert Henderson’s blazing trumpet.
Paging Hallmark: this excellent single is issued on Feb 14th (Chemikal Underground). There’s time yet to re-package it as a picturesque, all-singing Valentines card.

Here’s an interview with Bill Wells from The Herald last year, in which he speaks about his collaboration with Aidan Moffat, plus his work with Isobel Campbell, Jens Lekman and the National Jazz Trio of Scotland.

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